Chrissy Wallis Henry

Chrissy is a mother, wife, friend, daughter, health fitness guru, cat lover, and life changer! She is crossfire athlete and vegan connoisseur offering a 30 day challenge if you dare to reach your weight loss goals in record time. Currently serving as the Regional Vice President at Arbonne International and Co-Owner of Jax Strength & Conditioning, she is a Jacksonville native, who has always had big dreams!  She hustled right out of college to quickly found herself building a career in Real Estate. "I loved it - the adrenaline, the fun, the fast pace, although I was missing the feeling of a sense of purpose. I had always been involved in athletics, and had started to let some of that go- after all, there aren’t really sports programs for someone in their late twenties with a full time career, not in school. So I fell into triathlon, which was fun, but not really giving me what I wanted.  CrossFit was making it’s appearance on the East Coast, and at the recommendation of a triathlon friend, I joined a class, then a gym, to which it became a huge piece of my life." 

Relationship-wise, Chrissy started dating a CrossFit gym owner from Daytona.  Since long distance wasn’t going to work forever, they decided to create a business together to go with the life they were planning together. In 2011, they opened Jax Strength & Conditioning, home of CrossFit Duval.  They ran this together, and she transitioned out of Real Estate, he sold his gym in Daytona, and they blended forces with one business!  She finally felt she had found what she was purposed to do- change and impact others through health and fitness! Another opportunity was presented- that was in her wheelhouse- still keeping her in health & wellness, and a true compliment to the philosophy & business she already had. Chrissy began a second business in 2013 with Arbonne International. Through this vehicle, she was not only able to help others learn about healthy products and nutrition, but also impact the financial health of others! 

Chrissy's absolute passion is to help others realize their own greatness through health, fitness, beauty, confidence and security. She was blessed to be able to do all of these, and her favorite part is to pay it all forward to others!  She truly believes she has a unique and amazing way to live a life of financial flexibility and ultimate freedom, as well as time freedom. Day to day- she is involved in her CrossFit gym, leading group training, training herself, and creating programs & coaching a 6 Week Women’s Only Transformation Challenge. She loves nutrition coaching through a 30 Day Elimination and Detox Program.  She also meets with women to educate on pure and safe skincare and personal care products. She has lead an amazing group of women to become entrepreneurs, dream the best life then can have, then strategize to achieve nothing less than that!

"People will always be at the heart of everything I do- I will raise a challenge, then I will raise a glass to celebrate!  I believe that everyone, especially women, is capable of more than they know, and those that never give up are the ones who will get to tell their story.  History was written by the fearless!"