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iHeart Media with Nicky Sparrow, Market President

All too many times women, particularly minority women, find themselves being one of few familiar faces in the corporate space. Nicky Sparrow, the new Market President of powerhouse iHeart Media took that as a challenge. She’s a trailblazer and a woman about her business! Check out how she’s using her influence to help diversify women in radio.

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Laced with Culture by Jane Umunna

Made from scratch, stitched with love. Meet Jane Umunna. When being a Registered Nurse didn’t fulfill her passion for fashion she stepped out on faith to birth Laced With Culture to honor the legacy of her grandmother. With a nudge from her #1 supporter and new husband, Jane is embracing the process of being a new business owner. It hasn’t been easy, but someone’s got to sew it! Check out her WERK!

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Audacity: Storytelling with Letisha Bereola

Meet Letisha Bereola! She’s a dynamic Morning News Anchor at Action News Jax and Producer and Host of AUDACITY: Storytelling with Letisha Bereola. She started her journey in media with a best friend in college and now sits in the drivers seat as her own producer and storyteller. Follow her journey as a woman WERKIN’ to be ADACIOUS in her own right. 

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