WEEEERK!! Meet Nikol Davis of One Strut Runway Entertainment Group!!

One Strut Runway Entertainment Group

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nikol Davis.

Nikol D., let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

We are all professional models and former dancers hailing from different parts of the country; California, Florida, and Connecticut. We originally met through a Los Angeles-based runway troupe where we were able to work closely with a number of models from the Ebony Fashion Fair tour, and mix their style with our own. Over the years, we developed friendships and a love for runway choreography. Unfortunately, the group dissolved after the founder passed away, but our relationships with each other and passion for the runway remained strong. So, in 2017 we came together as One Strut Runway Entertainment Group!

Has it been a smooth road for you?

The modeling industry can be rough on its own because you are judged by your outer appearance and not your personality, accomplishments, or work ethic. It’s easy to develop self-esteem issues after being rejected due to your height, face structure, or the size of your hips. Furthermore, in an industry dominated by young, thin, Caucasian girls, we’re a group of curvy Black women. So, we’ve definitely been through some rough patches within the industry, but we found our confidence in strutting the catwalk, supporting each other, and seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of those who attend our shows.

Additionally, runway choreography is not always well received. We know from 50 years of Ebony Fashion Fair that there’s absolutely a market that loves to see entertainment on the runway. However, there are a number of fashion houses and designers that refuse to consider runway choreography as a part of their fashion show because they feel it’s unprofessional or old-fashioned. But we feel that runway modeling is an art. Just like there’s not one way to sing, dance, or paint – there’s no one way to strut!


Please tell us about your WERK:

One Strut is a group of professional models who specialize in runway choreography through synchronized movements with a rhythmic flair! We bring it … fashion, fun, and fabulous! We pride ourselves in our versatility. Not only do we all have strong, couture runway walks, but we also turn up the heat with unique choreography that highlights how garments move in real life. Plus, we cater our choreography to the client. We have the ability to provide a more traditional fashion show with light choreography to a highly choreographed performance.

One Strut is NOT a dance troupe! Our choreography may include a couple dance moves here and there, but we make sure to model each garment to the fullest. We keep the classy with a dash of sassy!

We posted a choreography video that went viral on social media. Before we knew it we were flooded with messages and emails from women around the world telling us how inspired they are by watching us, and that they are now encouraged to pursue their dreams. It’s incredible to see how much we’ve impacted people by simply posting a video doing what we love to do. But that’s what happens when you trust God, and follow the plan that He has for your life. We see One Strut as a ministry. We stand together as One for Substance, Tenacity, and Righteousness Under Truth (S.T.R.U.T.). By walking boldly in our gifts and talents, we seek to inspire others to see themselves as God sees them, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Please share any words of wisdom sister to sister. 

There have been so many lessons learned over the years, but here are a few major ones:
• Include God in all that you do. He is the one who put the passion inside of us.
• Don’t take rejection personally. It’s just a part of the industry … but find a way to create your own path to where you want to go.
• Clear communication is key, especially when working with business partners. Never assume the other person knows exactly what you mean. Don’t be afraid to have hard conversations.
• Don’t let fear hold you back. Dream big and in color. Go for it all and more!

If we had to do something different, it would probably be to create One Strut earlier than we did. We talked about it for years before we actually did it.

Women at Werk is so inspired and so very humbled by your courage to push through beauty standards and pave your own way in an industry often overpowered with archaic tradition, and lacking diversity. We LOVE your WERK and if you’re reading this post we KNOW you will love it too. Check out a few snippets of these ladies in action and support them with a like, share or comment below!

Website: http://www.onestrut.com/
Email:  onestrutmodels@gmail.com

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