Strength Under Control

Petty AF

In the age of petty its so easy to be quick tongued. Some may describe it being witty while others may find it sassy. Freedom of speech has given us all the right to share our opinions, however at what point does sharing your thought become counterproductive? Recently someone described me as being meek and reserved. I was initially taken aback, but after digesting the comment I found myself thinking a bit more deeply about the meaning of the reference. Now of course those that know me more intimately understand that I am much more calculated.

When most people hear the word “meek,” many times they think of a weak, shy, reserved or timid person who lets everybody run all over them. In my twenties I was most definitely more interested in what I could do for others and less about what could be done for me. With age came maturation resulting in some much needed boundaries and even more self respect. But that’s not at all what it means to be meek. Meekness is not weakness; it’s strength under control. Meekness is like a wild horse that has been tamed. She’s just as strong, just as powerful, has just as much speed as before, but now that strength is under control. You can walk up to her, pet her, lead her around, get on her and ride her. But don’t be fooled. She has the same power, the same tenacity as before, she’s just learned how to control it.

Petty AF Text

When you’re a meek person, you don’t have to go around trying to straighten everybody out. You don’t respond to every critic. People may be talking about you, but you don’t let it bother you. You may have the power to do something about it, but you realize your time is too valuable. You don’t fall for every distraction. Instead, you keep your focus on what you've been called you to do. You keep your strength and power under control so that you choose to stay in peace and move forward in the victory set aside just for you. Now I'm by no means saying that you should allow yourself to be victimized and give everyone a pass. I'm saying don't raise your voice often. Improve your argument.

A Word of Advice
Choose today to be a person of self-control. Better prepare yourself to know when to speak and when to listen, when to respond and when to hold back. Your voice should be used to empower others.

Ladies...Why is it so hard to not clap back when provoked? Comment below.